The term "ray tracing" is frequently mentioned in the gaming industry. As a new technology, what new experiences can it bring to our mobile games? Is it necessary? Today, with the RedMagic 9 Pro+ gaming smartphone, let's explore together the immersive visual experience brought by real-time ray tracing.

What is ray tracing?
First, allow me to briefly explain ray tracing technology. Ray tracing is a new type of graphics rendering technology that simulates the physical behavior of light rays to construct lighting scenes in game graphics. It optimizes image effects such as reflection, refraction, and shadows, making game scenes present more realistic lighting effects. Compared to traditional rasterization techniques, ray tracing technology brings more lifelike visual effects to games.

What are the requirements for ray tracing on mobile phones?
Although ray tracing technology is powerful, it also has quite high demands on the performance of mobile phones. This is because ray tracing technology needs to simulate virtual light rays emitted by light sources and perform calculations based on physical laws such as reflection and refraction to recreate realistic game graphics. Especially in complex scenes, the computational load of ray tracing technology will significantly increase, posing a considerable challenge to the performance of mobile phones.

Real-world ray tracing with RedMagic 9 Pro+

What? Ray tracing requires quite high performance for mobile phones? Is this even a challenge for the RedMagic, which has long dominated performance rankings? In the latest update of the "Justice Online" mobile game with real-time ray tracing, the RedMagic 9 Pro+ showcases stunning graphical performance.

From the three comparison images of ray tracing in the "Justice Online" mobile game, it can be seen that after enabling ray tracing, the texture effects on the stone slab door become more realistic, and there is a significant change in the reflection effect of the metal. The huge difference before and after enabling ray tracing can provide players with a more immersive gaming experience.

It is worth mentioning that throughout the entire experience, we set the game graphics parameters to high, enabled anti-aliasing, and turned on real-time ray tracing. The RedMagic 9 Pro+ remained stable during the 30-minute testing period, thanks to its powerful performance support and efficient cooling system, ensuring that players can enjoy high-quality graphics while also having a smooth gaming experience.

Although the application of ray tracing technology in current mobile games is still relatively limited, with the continuous development of technology, the popularity of ray tracing mobile games is imminent and inevitable trend. RedMagic has taken this step, marking another step closer to achieving ray tracing graphics performance comparable to PC and console platforms on mobile devices.