I recently got a laptop, and I'm really satisfied with its metallic casing. It has a strong sense of technology. However, the only downside is that the charger is quite ordinary. Although it looks okay, the plastic feel is disappointing. So, I searched for a long time among various chargers, hoping to find one that matches its aesthetics and is not too expensive. Finally, I bought the Nubia GaN100W Gallium Nitride Charger Set. Its silver hardcore design perfectly complements my laptop, and they look like a perfect match.

This 100W four-port GaN charger is an excellent PD charger. It has three USB Type-C outputs and one USB Type-A output, allowing me to charge multiple digital devices with a single set, meeting my daily charging needs.

It supports multiple fast charging protocols, including PD, QC, Samsung, Huawei SCP, and others, covering the mainstream protocols available in the market. In single-port mode, both C1 and C2 ports can individually output 100W, while the C3 port can output 30W. In dual-port mode, combining C1/C2 ports with C3/A port can deliver a total power of 65W + 30W, which sums up to 95W. When all four ports are used simultaneously, the combined power is 100W.

The voltage and current options include 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/5A, and 3.3-20V/5A, with a peak power of 100W Max.

The charger feels substantial in hand due to its high-density internal battery configuration, yet it is much smaller in size compared to chargers with similar power. As shown in the picture, the plug section has a transparent design, allowing you to see the internal components. The hardcore tech design maximizes its texture, making it almost like a work of art.

After using it for a while, the total power consumption hovers around 94W, which is quite impressive. The cost-performance ratio is unexpectedly high. It truly delivers the capability to charge multiple devices simultaneously. From now on, whether it's for home use, office work, or traveling, I only need to carry this one charger.

This charger set is highly compatible, and with the 100W single-port output of C1 and C2, it can easily handle lightweight or high-performance laptops without any pressure. Moreover, during smartphone charging, its automatic current distribution system can detect whether the phone has low battery power and intelligently choose between fast charging mode or trickle charging mode to protect the weaker battery.

Under room temperature conditions, when all four ports are fully utilized, the temperature remains below 40 degrees Celsius, and it only feels slightly warm to the touch, far from being untouchable. It seems that the heat dissipation is well controlled, and the cooling capability should be strong since the external casing releases the heat generated by the super chip inside. However, in our daily usage, it is rare to continuously operate at full power output. As the devices charge and the battery level increases, the current gradually decreases, resulting in a significant reduction in heat generation.

As for noise, in my experience, it produces almost no audible noise. Even when I bring it close to my ear in daily situations, I can't hear anything, so there's no need to worry.

To summarize, if you have multiple devices and don't want to carry a bunch of chargers, and if you have particularly high aesthetic requirements, then the Nubia GaN100W Gallium Nitride Charger Set is a good choice. It's compact, stylish in appearance, versatile with its four ports, and has good heat control. It should be one of the best-performing 100W chargers this year because, in the eyes of our beauty-conscious society, aesthetics matter.