Since its inception, Nubia has always adhered to the design concept of "Be Yourself," avoiding blindly following trends and creating unique products of its own, which has gained recognition from numerous digital enthusiasts worldwide. The newly released Nubia Z50 Ultra in this generation has truly subverted the perception of domestic smartphones among a vast number of users!

Firstly, it revolutionizes the aspect of appearance. The Nubia Z50 Ultra employs highly advanced under-display fingerprint and under-display camera technologies, completely hiding the front camera and fingerprint module beneath the screen. With a width of only 1.48mm for the side bezels and an extraordinary width of 1.68mm for the top bezel, combined with the support of right-angle borders, the entire screen appears seamlessly integrated, providing an exceptional visual experience!

In addition, the Nubia Z50 Ultra boasts a remarkable display quality. It features a 2480*1116 resolution OLED flexible straight screen, supporting a 120Hz high refresh rate, a peak brightness of 1500nits, a display of 1.07 billion colors, and a high-frequency DC/PWM dual-frequency dimming of 1440Hz, a rare feature in the industry!

Secondly, it revolutionizes the realm of imaging. The Nubia Z50 Ultra's rear camera module is truly unique and distinctive, utilizing a brand-new customized optical lens in the 35mm + 85mm golden dual focal length range. The 35mm lens incorporates a 64-megapixel customized Sony IMX787 sensor, supporting an f/1.6 large aperture and OIS optical image stabilization.

The 85mm 64-megapixel telephoto lens adopts aspherical ultra-high transmittance lenses and blue glass rotational coating IR technology, supporting 6x optical zoom and OIS optical image stabilization. With the support of a 50-megapixel AF wide-angle macro lens, the Nubia Z50 Ultra's photography performance is greatly enhanced, capable of capturing distant and close-up shots alike, acting as both a "telescope" and a "microscope."

Lastly, it revolutionizes the aspects of battery life and computational capability. The Nubia Z50 Ultra is equipped with the most powerful processor for Android devices, the Snapdragon 8Gen 2 chip, along with the support of LPPDR5 chip and UFS4.0, maximizing its overall computational capability. Whether it's playing large-scale games or video editing, it can stay one step ahead!

In terms of battery life, the Nubia Z50 Ultra is equipped with a 5000mAh battery and an 80W fast charging combination. With the support of the ingenious power-saving technology, its power optimization reaches an ultimate level. It boasts a high endurance of up to 36.5 hours in daily use and surpasses the iPhone 13 Pro Max in a test of 5 hours of endurance + video playback! This demonstrates the remarkable battery life of the Nubia Z50 Ultra!

The Nubia Z50 Ultra also features esports-grade bionic cooling, a large-volume X-axis linear motor, rich sound effects from stereo dual speakers, NFC for public transportation cards and access control mode, tri-band lane-level positioning, full-function infrared remote control, and more. The only downside is the lack of wireless charging functionality, although for many users, wireless charging is not a necessity.