Because I rely heavily on my phone, I plan to get a charger for the office as well. Considering the continuous growth of fast charging for phones, I want to get a charger with a higher power output so that I can continue using it even after upgrading my phone. Following the principle of buying new electronic products instead of old ones, I ultimately chose the Nubia 100W four-port gallium nitride charger.

From the product packaging, it can be seen that this charger is not large, but it feels quite heavy when held in hand. Besides the charger, the manufacturer also includes a type-C data cable, showing great thoughtfulness. The Nubia 100W four-port gallium nitride charger features a square design with a silver color and a metallic body, providing a delicate touch and a sense of quality. One side of this charger is imprinted with the word "deuterium," so it is also known as the "Deuterium Energy Block." The other side prominently displays "100W" in large font, clearly indicating the charging power. The plug of the Nubia 100W four-port gallium nitride charger is foldable, making it convenient for users to carry when not in use.

The charger's output power is printed here, showing the power of individual ports as well as the power when multiple ports are used simultaneously. Through this information, we can fully understand this product. The interface of the Nubia 100W four-port gallium nitride charger is designed to be transparent, allowing us to see the internal structure of the charger and satisfying users' curiosity. This charger is equipped with four ports: three type-C ports and one USB port, meeting the needs of different users. It is important to remind everyone that although there are three type-C ports, they have different charging powers. According to the markings on the ports, the first two type-C ports support a maximum of 100W, while the third type-C port and the USB port have the same power, with a maximum charging power of 30W.

Let's take a look at the actual test. When connecting four devices simultaneously, all of them can charge properly. Being able to charge is the minimum requirement, but we are concerned about whether they can fast charge. The Nubia 100W four-port gallium nitride charger is compatible with major protocols such as PD, QC, AFC, and can meet the charging needs of major brands like Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, and more.

For example, when connecting an iPhone and a Xiaomi phone, the phone displays that it enters fast charging mode, indicating that it can fully replace the original charger. After using it for a while, I touched the charger's casing and didn't feel any heat, indicating that this charger has excellent heat dissipation and is very safe to use. Now, you might wonder if such a high power output could damage the phone's battery. In fact, we don't need to worry about that at all. The Nubia 100W four-port gallium nitride charger is equipped with the self-developed Neocharger 3.0 fast charging technology, which not only intelligently recognizes devices and allocates power but also automatically enables and disables high-speed and trickle charging modes based on the battery's condition. Even if you leave it plugged in overnight, it won't damage your phone's battery.

With such high power output, in addition to charging phones, we can also charge laptops. Previously, we needed to carry bulky power adapters, but with the Nubia 100W four-port gallium nitride charger, charging laptops becomes much simpler. For example, when charging a MacBook Pro, it can charge 50% in just 40 minutes, demonstrating a high efficiency.