After the application of gallium nitride technology in the field of mobile phone chargers, the charger industry has witnessed an unprecedented and vigorous development. Various brand manufacturers have started a "arms race," competing benignly to have a higher output power in the same size or a smaller size with the same output power. This competition has brought consumers more and more high-quality chargers, making the charging process increasingly pleasant and eliminating the long and tedious waiting.

The flagship charger from Nubia has a power output of 120W and is equipped with a 2C1A charging interface, allowing simultaneous charging of three devices. It is designed specifically for travelers to meet the charging needs of different devices.

In terms of appearance, the Nubia 120W Three-ports Gallium Nitride Charger features a full metal design that surpasses its plastic counterparts in terms of visual and tactile appeal, exuding a high-end feel. To facilitate portability, it adopts a foldable plug design, making it more convenient for you to carry it during your travels. With a size comparable to that of a credit card and weighing only 240g, it's remarkable that such a lightweight charger with 120W high power and 2C1A configuration can be achieved.

In terms of performance, when all three ports are charging simultaneously, Type-C1 outputs 60W, Type-C2 outputs 30W, and the USB outputs 30W, totaling 120W of power. It can provide full power charging for one laptop and two smartphones. When Type-C1 and Type-C2 ports are both used for output, each port can output 60W of power, enabling full power charging for two laptops, achieving double the efficiency.

Through actual testing, the reason why the Nubia 120W Three-ports Gallium Nitride Charger can output such high power lies in its support for multiple charging protocols. It supports mainstream charging protocols such as AFC, FCP, SCP, QC3.0, PD3.0, and PPS, enabling full power charging for devices that support fast charging protocols.

The claimed single-port 100W power output of the Nubia 120W Three-ports Gallium Nitride Charger is not an exaggeration. Through actual testing, it can easily deliver 99W of power when charging a power bank that supports 100W charging, quickly charging the power bank. However, the charging power varies depending on the device and protocol used. This can also be observed when charging other devices.

For an electrical device, especially a high-power charger, safety is of utmost importance. Based on actual experience, no overheating or abnormal heating issues were found during the use of the Nubia 120W Three-ports Gallium Nitride Charger. Official information indicates that the Nubia 120W Three-ports Gallium Nitride Charger has up to 9 protective measures to ensure its safe operation. These multiple layers of protection provide users with peace of mind and confidence. Of course, as a reputable brand, Nubia's quality can be guaranteed.

As a charger, the Nubia 120W Three-ports Gallium Nitride Charger is undoubtedly an excellent product that can provide consumers with a smooth charging experience. However, this performance monster still feels like it's missing something. It wasn't until one day that I suddenly realized how cool it would be if the Nubia 120W Three-ports Gallium Nitride Charger had a display screen to show the current output power in real-time. This would provide users with a more intuitive and interactive experience. I hope Nubia's next-generation products can make a breakthrough in this aspect.