Although wireless networks are widespread in daily life, unexpected situations can still arise, such as when outdoors or on a journey, where it's not always possible to connect to a wireless network. In such cases, many users choose to use their phone's hotspot as a quick solution. However, this approach has some significant drawbacks, such as limited device connections and reduced phone battery life. Is there a more reliable and convenient way to address this issue? The answer is yes. The ZTE F50 5G Portable WiFi provides an effective solution for on-the-go network connectivity.

ZTE F50 5G Portable WiFi

Compact and Stylish Card Design
Unlike the commonly seen "USB stick" style, the ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 adopts a card-style design. The device's surface features a combination of matte and grid patterns, with the 5G+ logo in the top left corner, emphasizing its high-speed capabilities. On the right side, there are two indicator lights that, when plugged in, display a pale yellow, representing network connectivity and Wi-Fi transmission.

The overall design is very minimalistic. Besides the white color we have on hand, the ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 offers various color options, exuding a youthful and vibrant look, appearing bright and simple without any hint of cheap plastic.

ZTE F50 5G Portable WiFi

The dimensions of the ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 are 78.7mm62.8mm10.3mm, smaller than a typical bank card, making it easy to slip into a pocket without taking up much space. Since it's a plug-and-play device, it doesn't have an internal battery module, and it's lightweight, weighing just 50g, half the weight of previous-generation products.

Setting up the entire device is quite simple. The package includes only a USB 3.0 Type-C data cable and an integrated Wi-Fi board. Inserting a SIM card is also straightforward, similar to a mobile phone. Use a SIM card ejector tool to open the slot on the side of the device and insert your preferred SIM card.

The ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 employs a dual SIM slot design, one for the commonly used nano-SIM and the other for a TF (microSD) or SIM card, which means it can also function as an TF card reader. Materials shot with drones or action cameras can be inserted into the F50 and transferred via the data cable, eliminating the need to carry a separate card reader.

ZTE F50 5G Portable WiFi

The ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 is powered through a USB 3.0 Type-C interface, enabling high-speed internet access for phones and laptops, or providing a Wi-Fi hotspot by connecting it to a charger, car adapter, or power bank. You can think of it as having Wi-Fi wherever there's power, and it's ready to use when you insert the SIM card.

After installing the SIM card, you can set up the Wi-Fi on the ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 using your smartphone or computer. By logging into the device's IP address through a web browser, you can also view information such as the number of connected devices, real-time network speed, and data usage, making it easier to manage your portable 5G connection.

The ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 supports up to 10 devices connected simultaneously, making it perfect for family road trips or gatherings with friends, providing gaming and entertainment for everyone. You can also access the management interface to monitor network usage in real time, preventing unauthorized access.

High-Speed 5G and Stable Connectivity
In terms of hardware, ZTE, as an international communications giant, has developed high-performance network chips. The ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 is equipped with a high-performance eight-core chip, delivering 3.2 trillion AI operations per second, offering stable performance, low power consumption, heat resistance, voltage regulation protection, short-circuit protection, faster processing speeds, and rich external interfaces, ensuring high reliability.

ZTE F50 5G Portable WiFi

Regarding signal strength, the ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 features a 2x2 Wi-Fi 5 antenna layout inside the device, resulting in stronger Wi-Fi signals and lower latency. After enabling the optimal wall-penetration mode, signal testing software showed an average signal strength of -35dBm for the ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50, while using a smartphone hotspot yielded a signal strength of -50dBm. For prolonged use or outdoor settings, the F50's stability clearly outperforms the alternatives.

ZTE F50 5G Portable WiFi

As a newly introduced 5G Portable WiFi device, the ZTE 5G Portable WiFi F50 comes at a slightly higher price compared to similar products from the past. With faster network speeds, more stable connectivity, a compact and convenient design, and high-speed, low-latency performance, it meets your wireless network connectivity needs, whether for travel or everyday home use.