In today's digital age, esports has become a widely followed form of entertainment. As one of the primary tools for esports gaming, the Red Magic esports tablet has gained popularity in the market among avid gamers. Today, the Red Magic esports tablet, with its powerful performance and features designed specifically for gaming, has become a favorite among many gaming enthusiasts. This article will provide a review of the Red Magic esports tablet, hoping to be of assistance to those who love esports gaming.

Nubia Red Magic Gaming Tablet

Exterior Design

The Red Magic esports tablet has a unique and stylish exterior design, featuring a sleek and fashionable style. The device is lightweight, yet durable and sturdy. It boasts a 6-inch large screen on the front with a screen resolution of up to 2560×1600 pixels, offering vibrant colors and excellent display quality. Additionally, the back of the tablet features the distinctive Red Magic logo, enhancing its recognition.

Nubia Red Magic Gaming Tablet


The Red Magic esports tablet excels in terms of performance. It is equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage space, ensuring smooth and stable gameplay. The tablet also supports full-screen touch controls and 1080P high-definition display, providing a more detailed and realistic gaming experience. Moreover, the tablet utilizes liquid cooling technology, effectively reducing heat issues during gameplay and ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Nubia Red Magic Gaming Tablet

Gaming Features

The Red Magic esports tablet offers several unique gaming features to enhance the gaming experience. It comes with dual speakers and DTS 7.1 channel surround sound technology, delivering immersive gaming audio. Additionally, the tablet supports the Red Magic Game Space, allowing users to download and manage games and participate in various online competitions and interactions with other players. Furthermore, the tablet supports game recording and live streaming, enabling players to share their gaming experiences with friends.

Gaming Experience

The Red Magic esports tablet's robust performance and unique gaming features make the gaming experience outstanding. Whether playing large-scale multiplayer online games or single-player games, the tablet provides smooth and stable visuals and excellent audio. The large screen design of the tablet allows players to fully enjoy the visual spectacle of games. Moreover, the tablet supports the connection of Bluetooth controllers, making it more convenient for players to operate games. In summary, the Red Magic esports tablet offers an excellent gaming platform for players to fully enjoy the fun of gaming.

In actual gaming, the Red Magic esports tablet can achieve impressive frame rates. For instance, in games that demand high frame rate stability like "Honor of Kings," it can reach an average frame rate of 114.2 when not locked at 60 frames. Even after half an hour of gaming, it can still maintain an average frame rate of nearly 119.4, which is truly outstanding. For "Genshin Impact," which requires higher sustained performance, the tablet can achieve an average frame rate of 58.4 in a high-load testing environment like the Spiral Abyss, surpassing many smartphones equipped with second-generation Snapdragon chips. This demonstrates the tablet's performance advantage.

Nubia Red Magic Gaming Tablet

More Control Dimensions, but Still Room for Improvement

In fact, while tablets with good screens and performance are not rare, I've mentioned in previous reviews that I don't recommend purchasing tablets primarily for gaming. The reason is quite simple: tablets are too large and heavy compared to smartphones.

When it comes to touchscreen controls, the Red Magic esports tablet can be somewhat burdensome because it's a large-screen tablet. Holding it for an extended period can lead to fatigue. While using a tablet stand can alleviate this issue to some extent, it can also limit operation for games that require quick touchscreen controls, such as "Honor of Kings" and "PUBG," putting users in a dilemma. Fortunately, the Red Magic esports tablet does address this user experience concern to some extent by adding support for controllers and keyboards and mice through the X Gravity platform. This allows users to enjoy game control without having to hold the tablet.

Nubia Red Magic Gaming Tablet

However, there's a catch. While Red Magic has provided these control methods and offers various mapping schemes, it currently has limited support for external controllers. Additionally, Red Magic hasn't offered an official tablet controller hardware product. As a result, it's nearly impossible to rely on a controller for controlling mobile games at the moment, but the keyboard and mouse experience is usable. Clearly, improving this control experience would require joint efforts from Red Magic and game developers. Let's look forward to potential improvements in future updates.

Battery Life Experience

In terms of battery life, the Red Magic esports tablet is equipped with a 10,000mAh dual-cell battery, which can better handle the demands of excellent performance and a large screen. In practical use, this substantial battery indeed provides impressive battery life. It can handle online text and image-based office work and video playback with strong endurance. Even after playing "Honor of Kings" for an hour, the battery consumption is less than 20%, which is quite good for a product with a high power consumption screen.

The fast charging capability of the Red Magic esports tablet is also quite remarkable, with support for up to 80W. While it may not fully charge in 55 minutes as officially claimed, our tests have shown that it can charge to 100% in around 64 minutes, which is still an excellent result. Considering the tablet's 10,000mAh battery, this is a suitable charging speed.

Nubia Red Magic Gaming Tablet


The Red Magic esports tablet is highly sought after by gamers for its large screen and high performance. In terms of design, the tablet is sleek and fashionable, featuring a Snapdragon 855 processor, powerful processing capabilities, and unique gaming features such as game recording, live streaming, and the Red Magic Game Space. Overall, the Red Magic esports tablet is a highly suitable esports device for gaming enthusiasts.